Thursday, October 24, 2013

retail therapy

Yesterday was an OK day until it was time to go home. The kids and I leave the office, head down to the car and whats this...a BOOT on my car! Great! After dealing with the boot and missing Kayla's soccer practice, I just wanted to crawl into bed and go to sleep.

As T & I sat on our couch I turn to her and ask "...wanna go to Michael's?" and who can turn down a trip to Michael's right?! Definitely not T. So as we head to the car T suggested that we make our way to Sal! and yesterday was WEDNESDAY which means CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY 25% OFF EVERYTHING! So these girls were ready to find some great things!

Heres find number 1. We found some great picture frames many were made of wood that we can play around with and make them all our own which I love! 

Off our high of such amazing finds we headed to Michael's. And it was our night because they were having a huge sale as well! S C O R E! 

Heres a little collage of what we picked up. Those cute little owls on the top right were 70% off! Steal right! I dont know what it is, but Im totally into owls right now and Im not ashamed. I also got myself those 2 cute little box shelves and some paint and went to work on them last night. Im so excited to put them up! 

Let me say that I love that I have a wife that is ok with us going shopping, even if it is for little trinkets, when Im feeling down or after a bad day. Im such a lucky girl♥

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