Tuesday, October 29, 2013

sometimes I wonder

For all my parents out there reading this, when the kids mess up and get punished, do you ever wonder if your punishment was too harsh? Sometimes I feel like I second guess myself more often than not.

Today Kayla is FREE! Her punishment is finally over. Girlie got grounded for 2 weeks AND was not able to get a Halloween costume because of it. Long story short, Kayla has her mother's sweet tooth and was constantly sneaking sweets any and every chance she got. Once we got wind of this we talked to her and punished her by just grounding her for a week and no dessert. Pfft I think thats the biggest joke cuz back in my day we didnt get dessert (wow I feel super old everytime I say back in my day *sigh*) but my littles think they are supposed to get it every night. Any who, the very next day, miss one decided to eat cookies by the handful. When I found out and I asked her about it, she was very honest, which we always appreciate, and that's when I added another week because c'mon we just had this talk less than 24 hours ago. So I grounded her and told her that one more thing comes up shes not going to get a Halloween costume, no if ands or buts about it! 24 hours later...sneaking Oreo's! I swear I thought I was bad but shes got me beat. So NO COSTUME! Trust me that I felt truly bad about it because this is totally a kids holiday. They look forward to dressing up and getting candy by the bag full. But she did this to herself and I have to keep my word right?!  

MeKai is on the same boat with her! This dear child of mine can not seem to detach from any electronic to take himself to the bathroom. They're his biggest issue. So naturally he had an accident while playing on the IPad but the icing on the cake was that 1. he didnt tell us about it and 2. he didnt change himself. We've always told him we understand accidents will happen, and although we dont think him having an accident while in the house, while watching TV is by any means ok, he needs to change himself immediately. We grounded him October 10th and told him that he had 21 DAYS to get himself together and earn his costume back. Day 3 same issue. Here we are less than 2 days away and weve had the same scenario happen about 3 more times.

The dilemma: I hate that they cant have their costumes! But I know I have to follow thru with their punishment that I came up with. I did this all on my own even T looked at me side ways but then she smiled that thats my girl! 

My compromise: They get to participate for Halloween and get a costume BUT a costume that Bae & I make or pick out. Or you dont get to participate. I have the cutest idea for Kayla that naturally came from Pinterest and I can totally see her owning it! Bae found this cute BEMO for MeKai that shes thinking of making. Bae is pretty crafty so I know she can get it done in 2 days!

I'd love to know what you think of my mess! What mess have you had to deal with and how did you go about it.

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