Thursday, October 31, 2013

Stop doubting yourself

T & I find ourselves always, well most nights, talking in bed going over things that have happened thru our day, things that happened with the littles and we seems to always come to the conclusion that we're just not the great mothers we think we are or can be.

We'll replay an argument between the kids and how we handled it, or how MeKai came home just talking non-stop and all we could do was nod and say "uh-huh, thats cool" because we tuned him out after the first 3 minutes and we sit there tears in our eyes, well MY eyes, feeling like the worse mother on planet earth and that tomorrow I will change!

Today scrolling thru Facebook, Huffington Post posted this lovely post about what else, MOMS. "The video every mom must watch on repeat until she gets it" with the caption " not hit play unless you have tissues in hand" So you know I just had to watch, and I swear 15 seconds in I had that tissue working!
I always seem to torture myself during the work day with things that will make me cry.

It was so nice to see that 1 Im not the only mother that thinks the worst of herself and that 2 Im not a horrible, evil mother. That our littles more than likely do love us. But something you learn or realize as time goes by, you cant help but constantly think that you are messing up your kids in some way. As a parent, I think that will never change. You will forever worry about the impression you are making on these little people that look up to you!.....and thats a scary thing!

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