Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trip to Sal

So Ive decided to start this Blog thing all over again! Right Ive said it before but Im really gonna try this time.

Ive recently, well as of yesterday, started following the cutest blog! touch of serendipity Ragan is super cute and random like myself and I love it! T and I are currently in the middle of trying to refurnish our little apartment, make it more homey, and looking at Ragans blog weve gotten so many easy DIY ideas. So T went on the hunt for some cute ideas/projects of our own. Let me say that I did NOT expect her to be this excited or find projects that look like they require a lot of work.

Take this new couch project that she wants to do! Cute no doubt about it, the labor behind it eh Im not too sure about.

THIS super cute! I would love to make this but again seems like a lot of work!

&& lets not even talk about this home G A R D E N! Ive always wanted a garden but weve always lived in apartments and I never got around to buying those hanging over the balcony things to make a garden but this I dont know! Yes a lot of work but I think itll be worth it!

During her Googling expedition, T got the bright idea that we should take a trip to Sal (Salvation Army) Her mom is great for finding awesome rustic furniture that T thinks would be fun DIY projects. So looks like well be spending some time at Home Depot and Sal and locked up in our home for awhile!

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