Thursday, October 31, 2013


As you can see there is no Pumkin mess Pt 2. So sad I know! But when we went home Tuesday night, we found poor Khalese's pumpkin on the kitchen floor next to Chewie!! Talk about a HUGE mess!

But tonight's Halloween and we're ready. Khalese is the only child that will be in full costume but we're all going out as a family like every year and hitting up Baema's ( thats Bae's mommy) neighborhood.

I know Kayla and MeKai will be down in the dumps but this mommy's gotta stick to her word! They need to get themselves together and think about the consequences of their actions. They also need to keep in mind that Christmas is around the corner and Miss Kayla's birthday is a week before so they better shape up.

I swear Im not an evil mommy set to make my children's live miserable.

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