Saturday, November 9, 2013

45 more days

Today T & I were lucky enough to get a few hours away to ourselves so we went out to eat. On our little adventure in the mall, we of course had to go into Build A Bear :) What?! Whats wrong with two adults just randomly running into Build A Bear because they just saw the cutest My Little Pony everrrrrr that they just must have for themselves! Any who, while in the store, we looked up and noticed a sign that said "45 more days" 45 more days....45 more days til what?! It took me about 39 seconds to realize that they were telling us that there are 45 more days til CHRISTMAS!!!!
I know right! We couldn't believe it either.
So with this new revelation, we decided it was time to get ahead of the game and start shopping for Xmas. We hit up Walmart as we do every year to commence our shopping but boy were we disappointed. We went to 2 Walmart stores and got nothing done! Needless to say that we will be attempting this again....when were kid free which is going to be hard because we have them attached to us 24hrs a day.

There you have it! We only have 45 more days til the greatest holiday of the year! and if you're like us, you're panicking because 45 days is just not enough!

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