Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Last night went GREAT! The kiddies had fun! Half way thru we let Kayla and MeKai wear our zombie heads and they loved it. They were really good sports about it all :) For those of you who dont know, they were punished and had Halloween taken away.

Here they are! Khalese was the cutest little black cat :) T made the zombie heads at work. She so freakin talented I wish she would just embrace her artistic side!

This is me! Every year I say Im not gonna dress up but I end up making something and here I am! This was the tutu I made for Kayla but after she decided that she was just too busy to remember to pack her soccer shoes for practice on Wednesday I decided to keep it to myself :)

My zombie wife! I love waking up to that face every morning. Im such a lucky girl ♥

The neighbors pumpkins. So creative!

The zombie heads. I loveeee these. I wore the girl zombie on my back and T wore the boy. Once we thought Kayla and MeKai had suffered enough, we handed them over to them :)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! I know we did!

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