Tuesday, November 12, 2013

not good enough

Being married to Bae, being in a same-sex marriage, us being women raising a boy....sometimes people think that we're not doing a good enough job. No one will ever straight come out and say "Hey...uhm you know, you being two women raising a boy, its not right. You're gonna mess him up and turn him into a girl, he needs a man in his life..." or whatever the hell it is that they think.

Let me be perfectly clear....T and I dont need to have a penis between our legs to raise a boy. We have been raising MeKai together since he was 1 without the help of any man, INCLUDING his "father" This boy has manners, can spell his ass off, can do laundry from start to finish, will fold the laundry better than your spouse, has been changing his bed sheets since the early age of 5, is the most loving, caring sweetest harmless little boy Ive ever met. He loves his super heros, his cool hero shirts, his new shoes, his awesome hats. He will play dolls with his sisters,or his bestest girl friend and not think twice about it.

See the thing is, is this kid, well not just him our girls too, theyve had people play this in and out game. Meaning, when these people think about our kids or when its convenient for them, they will be a part of their lives. They will come visit, call them....and then theyre out. No hesitation. MeKai has men in his lives. Not the best men and definitely not the kind of men that I would want him to look up to or idolize, but he has men. Men that tell him boys dont hug boys they high five, boys dont kiss boys, boys dont play with dolls or dress up with the girls. Some of those things MeKai has heard from his own father as he tried to give his father a hug before he left. Im sure many of you will agree that those ARE things that boys shouldnt do. And that the only reason he does those things IS because he's being raised by two women so of course he needs a man around to show him how boys should behave. And to that I say F$^%* YOU! Our son doesnt need a man in his life, to show him that he shouldn't cry when someone hurts his feelings. Or a man to belittle him for wanting to play dolls with his sisters. A man to make him hate himself and these "girl" emotions that he has. In my eyes, we're are raising the best little boy in the world. He will not only know how to do his own laundry but wont bitch and moan about having to go to the mall with his girlfriend/boyfriend to pick out an outfit for their date.

Im so over having people wanting to be the man that he needs in his life. Im done letting them make me feel like T and I arent doing a good enough job raising a MAN because were women. Im over it and I wont allow it anymore.

THIS IS LOVE ...like it or not THIS is OUR LOVE!

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