Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One of the many talks

So as you all may or may not know, I have 3 littles. Khalese who will be 10 in January, Kayla who turns 9 in December and our little guy MeKai who is 6 and a half.

With our girls being the age that they are, T & I have been trying to figure out when we can sit down with them and have one of the many talks. No, not the birds and the bees talk...we did that already, well the jest of it. The "Oh em gee, why am I bleeding!!!!" talk.

Khalese started, what did her pediatrician call it, ah yes budding! T & I thought that it was a little bit of baby fat left no biggie right. Nope! At her visit last year, her doctor told us she was budding and had about a year or two until she got her MENSTRUAL CYCLE!!!! *bangs head on desk repeatedly* I promise you I am not ready for this at all what so ever.

T & I have been putting of this talk since. But tonight will be the night mommy pulls out her books and sits both girls down and have this oh so lovely talk. In all honesty, I want them to feel comfortable talking to us, I mean what parent doesnt want that right. Id rather they learn all about the changes theyre about to go through from us, than from hearing from their friends, or school or god forbid that Aunt Flow decides to pay them a visit before we get to have this talk and I get a call from school telling me Khalese had an "accident" How freaking traumatic!

So tonight after homework and dinner we will begin our talk. I will begin reading and engaging them in convo because for all I know they could be going through all kinds of emotional changes now but because I want them to stay little forever I just dont ask. Sad I know, but I dont want to imagine my babies growing up...let alone turning 10 or budding or whatever else theyre going through.Ugh we'll get through this right?

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