Wednesday, December 11, 2013

baby fever

I dont know if its something in the air or what, but lately Bae and I have been talking a lot more about having a baby. Yes we already have 3 and why on earth would we want to start over...why not?! For us there will never be a perfect time to have another child. Yes, we'd love to be more financially stable. Yes, we'd love to own our own home, but right now...were fine. MeKai will soon be 7 and that already is a huge gap between him and said future child. Our Khalese will be turning 10 next month and I dont know. Maybe its the fact that theyre growing up so fast, to me at leas. Nah :) Ive accepted that my babies cant be babies forever and Im ok with that because of the amazing little people they are becoming.

Ive always loved being a mommy. Im finally happy & in love and I know that Bae will be an even more amazing mother to a child that she gets to raise from birth.

So we've decided to give this more thought. And with that came more research and the reality of allllll the things we need to do to just even try to conceive and let me tell you its soo overwhelming! Everything is about timing and really getting to know your body, more than Id like to to be honest lol But as i do more research and go into groups of same sex couples its so nice to see other happy couples going thru the same struggles, if that makes sense.

Its so sad for me to finally be in a good happy place and not be able to just share the bond of creating life with the one I love as easily as your normal couple. But seeing other couples trying to have a baby of their own and actually conceiving, melts my heart. Gives me hope! And although we dont know when we will actually start trying, its nice to have my loves support and know that she wants this as much as I do.

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