Tuesday, January 7, 2014

baby shower success

Clearly Ive skipped out on you guys, no surprise as that is what I do from time to time but believe me when i say IM SORRY! I said I would try to blog at least every other day but clearly that didnt happen. Im lucky if I even do it once a week!
Things have been super busy these past few weeks of course with the holiday madness.
...lets catch up!

So besties baby shower went off UH-MAZING! and everyone had nothing but great things to say :) which for sure made my day!

Here are some of the party favors. I had my minis help on the little tins full of mints with the oh so cute flowers on them that were oh so hard to put on lol and of course I had Bae write Thank You on them.

 Little birdies for our little Harper because her tia lovesss birds and owls!

 Got this little gem from anther baby shower I saw on Pinterest and thought how appropriate!

& another awesome saying in a frame

these are my yummy rice krispy treats dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with pink and purple sprinkles! duh

so my mom has the hook up at Georgetown Cupcakes...yumm...so of course I had to ask her to get us some delicious cupcakes for the shower

and this is the table at the end of the night!

My bestie was nothing but smiles and tears that night & it was all worth it! 3 more weeks til Princess Harper makes her appearance! 

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