Wednesday, December 11, 2013

baby fever

I dont know if its something in the air or what, but lately Bae and I have been talking a lot more about having a baby. Yes we already have 3 and why on earth would we want to start over...why not?! For us there will never be a perfect time to have another child. Yes, we'd love to be more financially stable. Yes, we'd love to own our own home, but right now...were fine. MeKai will soon be 7 and that already is a huge gap between him and said future child. Our Khalese will be turning 10 next month and I dont know. Maybe its the fact that theyre growing up so fast, to me at leas. Nah :) Ive accepted that my babies cant be babies forever and Im ok with that because of the amazing little people they are becoming.

Ive always loved being a mommy. Im finally happy & in love and I know that Bae will be an even more amazing mother to a child that she gets to raise from birth.

So we've decided to give this more thought. And with that came more research and the reality of allllll the things we need to do to just even try to conceive and let me tell you its soo overwhelming! Everything is about timing and really getting to know your body, more than Id like to to be honest lol But as i do more research and go into groups of same sex couples its so nice to see other happy couples going thru the same struggles, if that makes sense.

Its so sad for me to finally be in a good happy place and not be able to just share the bond of creating life with the one I love as easily as your normal couple. But seeing other couples trying to have a baby of their own and actually conceiving, melts my heart. Gives me hope! And although we dont know when we will actually start trying, its nice to have my loves support and know that she wants this as much as I do.

Friday, December 6, 2013

full of love

Right now as you know I have a lot of things to get done. Im sending out baby shower invites today so Im super happy to put a big old CHECK mark next to that. Usually our weekends are super busy...well they will be for the next few weeks, but the past few weekends have been really laid back and I must say that I enjoy that but shh dont tell Bae I said that.She would much rather spend time at home and do absolutely nothing! Me not so much, well during the winter Im not too opposed to it because I hate being cold but come spring and summer this girls gotta be outside taking in the sun.
But during the coldest time of the year, I love spending time with just my wife and my littles. Not that I dont enjoy or embrace them any other time, I dont know what it is about the winter time that just makes me want to squeeze them to pieces and drown them all in love. are some pics of the randomness that my little family has been up to since the sun decided to go MIA!

Shes back! Thats right Mrs Pixie herself and the kids loved the way she made her first appearance! Now to continue getting thru the rest of December is the trick!

Me enjoying Pixie's lovely hot chocolate as we watched Hotel Transylvania with the babies who didnt even save their moms any cookies, Im not bitter tho!

I absolutely LIVE for these moments, when they all love eachother...maybe pretending but still you know.

Here's Bae being all creative for her Secret Santa, who happens to be her BFF Joel! Shes so creative as Ive mentioned before. So she painted his face on canvas and had a ball doing it! Now if only we could get her to stick with it...
The other mysterious pic is MY painting for my BFF and her little baby Harper. Im trying to complete this painting in time for her shower on the 21st, yes the one Im throwing AND Im trying to crochet her a blanket. Yea wish me luck!

My love and I at her moms house the day after Thanksgiving enjoying a glass of wine. Im crazy about that woman right there :)

& this right words can describe the love I feel for my family! The older they get, the wiser they become, the more I adore them. To think that I have a hand in molding them and that they are the mature,smart, gorgeous children that they are completely melts me! I love being a mother to the most amazing children ever. This is my purpose in life and let me tell you I embrace it all! I couldnt ask for more!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Post Holiday bleh

Here we are already December 3rd and as we try to recover from an amazing Thanksgiving, before you know it ITS CHRISTMAS!

For us its a little more complicated. We have our little Kayla's birthday on December 16th, then we have Christmas and on January 5th our biggest little Khalese will be turning 10! Aside from these normal events that we have yearly lol, we've thrown in the mix my family's annual Prima's (Cousins) Christmas Party, happening this Saturday & Im also planning my best friends baby shower which is scheduled for the 21st!
Let me say that overwhelmed doesnt even begin to describe what Im feeling. Dont get me wrong I love planning parties, I think the fact that they are happening back to back and all around Christmas thats whats getting to me.

Christmas in our household is the BEST TIME of the year! Once Thanksgiving hits it just always feels like complete happiness,cozy,lovey family time & I absolutely love that! The Sunday after Thanksgiving our little tree goes up with all our random ornaments. Then December 1st our little Elf Pixie joins us in the Christmas fun and the kids love her! This time of year is full of traditions I never had as a kid and to be able to create some with my family means everything to me.

Every year, we take the kids to Target to pick out a new ornament for themselves. Or we make one! Our littles love going thru their random ornaments from years passed and its cute to see them laugh and just love it! We've also been doing Elf on The Shelf for 3 years! We used to have Red Fred but during our move to Alexandria I some how misplaced him so when I went to get a new little guy I ended up with a gal...who we explained was Red Freds wife Pixie!The littles loveeeeeed the thought that Fred was married and had gotten promoted to work at the toy factory with Santa :) We also have Santa send them a video message every year. It all sounds like we like to torture them, we really dont lol we like the enjoyment of seeing them really pull it together to get on the Nice list!

I love this time of year but now this girls gotta pull it together to get all these events to go off with a hitch!

I have a lot of pics to post and a few projects Ive been working on so Ill be back soon :)