Wednesday, December 31, 2014

embrace the unknown

so as the year is coming to an end, im struggling some kind of bad emotionally today. not sure why. i feel like crying every 2 seconds. then i feel ready for 2015. then not so much because theres so much i want to do, to change, to learn but that fear or the unknown is getting the best of me. my heart aches for all the things that i feel like im leaving behind in 2014. scratch that, the ONE thing,person, i feel like im leaving behind. i know better. because she'll forever be with me, but i cant help but feel like im leaving her behind as i close my 2014 chapter. thats whats making saddest. 

embarking on this journey to truly find myself, find my center, ive learned so much already. reading and more reading and learning has awakened this happiness and eagerness to continue on this path.
im afraid,excited,kind of ready to take 2015 on and see what the universe has in store for my family and i. i have such a great feeling that this year will be full of changes and great things for us.

fear of the unknown is a beautiful yet terrifying thing. we either choose to sit in a constant state of wonder because were not ready or just dont want to take that leap of faith into the unknown or we embrace it...and when we do we either realize that it was totally worth it or we fall flat on our ass. either way i hope to take that leap and be ok knowing that at the end of it all, i'll be ok. and that is something that i plan to constantly accept. 

2015 im as ready as i can be and i welcome you with a smile :)