About Me

.....that's ME! Loving all up on a bunny.
My name is Claudia & Im a mommy to 3 little people who rule, rock, run my world. And Im lucky enough to have married this pretty amazing girl I will refer to as T or Bae ♥ 

Things to know about me hmm... well I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE animals. Most at least. Weve had guinea pigs, we currently have 2 bunnies (one of which has mated twice and made 12 bunnies ) and we added a puppy to the mix back in August who we adore!

I love sweets! Anyone who knows me knows that I have the worse sweet tooth that I have apparently passed down to my 2nd little, Kayla. 

I currently have the DIY bug! And that would be the next thing you should know about me...I go thru phases which my closest friends like to call my addictive personality. I say I like to try new things that I may or may not complete or follow thru with but whatever. Tomato Tomatoe :)

and above all else I absolutely love my kiddies and the family that Bae and I have created! Join me as I write all about my little crazy mess of a life ♥